Summer Reading 2023
From June 3rd - July 15th, get rewarded for using the library!

Each time you check out an item, you can be entered into a weekly raffle prize drawing for gift cards and other summer surprises!

All you have to do is give us a phone number or email address where you'd like us to contact you if you are the winner. All of your information will remain secure and we will not keep track of which items you check out, only how many there were. 

Do I need to keep track of which books I read?

If you would like to, you can use the reading log you receive at signup to keep track of your summer reading progress. However, we are not keeping track of how many books you read this year. We want to encourage you to read what makes you happy, not to try to meet an arbitrary goal. You can read several shorter books, or magazines, or one huge book -- whatever makes you happy.

Do I need to keep track of which days I read?

We recommend making reading part of your daily habit, and tracking your days read is a great first step. If you find that your daily reading is becoming a chore, maybe change up what you are reading. Ask a librarian for help picking the right book. When you find the right book for you, it will be hard to put down!

What if I check out items at another library?

Sorry -- we're only counting items we check out here. However, you are always welcome to visit our neighbor libraries, and some of them may even let you participate in summer prize giveaways there, too.

What if I check out items at your library but my card is from another library?

That's fine. We're happy you're visiting us.

Where are the raffle tickets?

Raffle tickets are stored electronically in a secure spreadsheet and will be drawn at random using None of your personal information will be shared with RafflePicker or anyone else.